Distribution Alpha is not regulated by the FCA. However our services are only provided to regulated professional firms. Our services are insured and indemnified.
No. Unlike much large consultancies, we do not have a minimum fee requirement or timescale. Our work has ranged from half a days consultancy/advice, to several months project work.
We help firms optimise their distribution, working with their existing sales and marketing teams and management on distribution strategy and planning. We make connections across market participants, to build or bolster resources or introduce third parties.
 We are happy to work in conjunction with other consultancy businesses. In addition, Rob Thorpe is available as an INED or as a retained adviser. But do not hesitate to ask us, as we are happy to consider anyway in which we may be able to assist.
No.  While we may collaborate and work with other consultancy businesses, we are an independent, specialist focussing primarily on Distribution.