Welcome to Distribution Alpha

Distribution Alpha is a specialist consultancy focused on enhancing Distribution success in Financial Services.

How we help

We offer distribution focused management consulting,
project management and research. Our resources and
connections bring together deep industry knowledge on all
aspects of distribution, including sales, marketing, products 
and data use, to help our clients develop more successful 
distribution strategies in response to the market dynamics 
today and in the future.

Our purpose is simple. We help our clients achieve, 

Better Distribution Outcomes.

Consultancy | Project Management | Research

Project Management

We work on comprehensive as-well as single element projects. We provide curation of resource planning, helping businesses be 'implementation ready'. We also provide execution oversight. As specialists in distribution, we also work alongside other specialist teams and consultants on broader projects.


We conduct comprehensive evaluations of distribution strategies, assessing their efficiency, effectiveness, resource allocation, and budgeting. Our approach involves a thorough analysis across various metrics to provide a comprehensive understanding of a companies distribution framework with recommendations aimed at creating better distribution outcomes. We help businesses design their distribution strategy for today and the future.


We provide both tailored and industry wide research focused on enhancing business distribution success. This research may be driven by our clients seeking specific information relating to any aspect of their company e.g., products, brand etc. Our proprietary industry wide research is designed to support senior leaders (and boards) understand the broader industry dynamics relating to distribution.

We work in the financial services sector on single projects and in a retained advisory role, supporting:

Asset Managers

Analysing distribution effectiveness and go to market product strategies. Risk, governance and ACD support.

Wealth Managers

Distribution and go to market strategies into non-proprietary channels. Governance and proposition development.

Financial Advisers

Developing proprietary product solutions and forming the required regulatory and governance framework.

Investment Trust Boards

Providing greater insight into the distribution effectiveness provided by fund managers, be it for incumbents or during tender process.

Platforms, FinTechs and Life Companies

Life companies, platforms, fintechs, data vendors, marketing consultants and recruitment firms. Institutions seeking to access the wholesale channel.


Targeted resourcing projects for specific requirements, such as fund management capabilities, sales and distribution, marketing, product development, brokerage or technology.


Financial services specialists providing full or partial outsourced marketing solutions.


Platforms, business operations, data capture and analysis.


We can connect to non-proprietary sales teams covering the UK and Europe.

Corporate Banking/M&A

Capital raising and financial event strategy advisers.

Fund/Proposition Development

Third party ACD services, OCIOs, compliance, fund vehicle management sponsors, prime brokers etc


Financial Services specialist legal and compliance advisers. Fund managers, specialist HR consultants, leadership coaching, market data and research. PR agencies and media.


Unlike many other larger consultancy businesses, we are specialists in distribution. Our deep knowledge and understanding of the market is based on first hand experience gained from many decades in senior positions in distribution. Further, our client base provides us with a unique perspective of the distribution dynamics at play in todays markets.

Connections Matter

We have connections across the market, from buyers, to competitors, technology providers to data vendors. Our network is broad and deep and we utilise this where it is of benefit to our clients,


We operate differently to larger consultancies where we tailor our services to your budget and requirements, rather than set minimum fee thresholds. Our services range from multi-month projects, resulting in detailed reports and board presentations, to a single days workshop.

Rob Thorpe

Founder I Managing Director

Rob founded Distribution Alpha in 2023, following a 35-year career leading asset management companies to industry leading positions. Prior to then he spent 10 years as Managing Director of F&C/BMO and a board director of it's funds and investment trust businesses. He held senior roles at Cazenove, BNY Mellon and J.P Morgan. A specialist in the multi-asset and solutions market, Rob founded the Multi-Manager Forum, a collaboration of leading fund of funds providers. He helped design some of the industry's most successful multi-asset products and writes on this subject as a columnist in PA Adviser.

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Email: rob@distributionalpha.com

Phone: +44 07834254227
Distribution Alpha is not regulated by the FCA. However our services are only provided to regulated professional firms. Our services are backed by indemnity insurance.
No. Unlike much large consultancies, we do not have a minimum fee requirement or timescale. Our work has ranged from half a days consultancy/advice, to several months project work.
No. However we can assist in establishing proprietary teams or make recommendations and connections to third party distributers.
We are happy to work in conjunction with other consultancy businesses. In addition, Rob Thorpe is available as a retained adviser or non-executive director. 
No.  While we may collaborate and work with other consultancy businesses, we are an independent specialist focusing primarily on Distribution.
Distribution Alpha is a trading name of Distribution Alpha Limited, a company registered in England and Wales number:14638188 (The company). Registered address, 7 Bell Yard, London, WC2A 2JR. The company is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. None of the services it provides constitutes financial advice. The company is not able to provide any guarantees on the outcome in relation to the advice or services it provides, whether this is executed upon or otherwise. Any services provided by the company are subject to a signed agreement. Further information relating to the company's services are available upon request.